OXY Active Wash Max Power Face Wash - 50gm

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This face wash is more exposed to UVB rays. Pollution and extreme weather conditions cause skin cells to die. Men's skin is acne prone when it is an oily type. Oily skin absorbs dirt and pollutants and the pores get blocked. As a result, pimples appear. The face wash is the total cleansing solution for a pimple free, smooth and glowing facial skin. Accumulation of dust and smog makes skin look dull and dark. The most effective face cleansing solution that removes toxins and tanned skin and gives brighter and youthful skin. Wet face and squeeze a small amount of the face wash on your palm. Work up a lather and massage onto face in gentle circular motions. Since the product is a mild exfoliate, do not scrub too hard. Wash off with clean water.

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Skin Type
All Types of Skin
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Deep Cleansing
For Men & Women (Both)
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