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    White Tone Face Powder With Soft Shade Formula - 30gm
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    White Tone Face Powder With Soft Shade Formula - 50gm
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    White Tone Face Powder With Soft Shade Formula - 70gm

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VINI International FZE is a UAE based company, which has its regional Branch office in Bangladesh. We are the international operation of VINI Cosmetics Pvt. Limited. The company owns the brands FOGG deodorants & Perfume, OSSUM Body mist and White Tone Face Powder. VINI Cosmetics Private Limited was incorporated in the year 2009 and is based in Ahmadabad, India.

FOGG is leading body spray and perfume brand in Bangladesh. It is one of the world’s leading personal care brands available in more than 60 countries globally. Known for the Strong, Long-Lasting Fragrance and NO GAS FORMULA, every FOGG product is fashioned to make you fresh and flamboyant. No matter what the occasion, no matter what the need, FOGG always has something for you. FOGG has different variants with different sizes.


FOGG Body Spray:

FOGG is the pioneer of NO Gas Formula with long lasting fragrances. The range of Body spray guarantees 800sprays for 120ml, and 300sprays for 25ml. FOGG have products for both male and female section. On the Body spray category following series are available in the market,

  • FOGG Perfumed Body Spray 120ml.
  • FOGG Black series 120ml.
  • FOGG Bleu Series 120ml.
  • FOGG Celebration series 120ml.
  • FOGG Masti Series 120ml.
  • FOGG Flyer series 120ml.
  • FOGGMaster series 120ml
  • FOGGMobile pack 25ml.

FOGG Scent Edition:

FOGG has variety of Exclusive scents Edition of different ranges and different sizes. Each Variant has its own unique fragrance and all variant is very strong and long-lasting.

  • FOGG Scent Edition 100ml.
  • FOGG Scent RockStar Edition 100ml
  • FOGG Scent Travel Pack Edition 50ml.
  • FOGG Scent Small pack 30ml.

FOGG 50ml Roll On: FOGG has wide range of roll on for both men and women.


Ossum is a Female focused brand that has 4 different floral flavored Body mist and 4 different floral flavored Body spray. Both the items have 2 different sizes.

  • Ossum Body Mist 115ml
  • Ossum Body Mist 190ml
  • Ossum Body Spray 120ml
  • Ossum Body Spray 25ml


Whitetone have 3 different sizes of Face Powder and also face cream. The products focus on keeping the skin glow constant and make look younger and fresh.

  • White Face Powder 30gm
  • White Face Powder 50gm
  • White Face Powder 70gm
  • White Face Cream25ml